Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Posted: Leather Belt


Sometimes, I'm not careful in thrifting. I know thrifted goods are cheap but for me it doesn't matter if it's cheap if I can't use it. Like this belt, which I already posted at the shop for sale.

The belt is really very short -- fits only up to 23"! and I am not the person who owns that very small waist.

November Bags

Something to look forward to in the shop's November uploads. :) Five bags, actually, but I couldn't fit the fifth one in the collage. :D Sorry.

Shipping Fee

The shop is a little more than three months old and I still have not figured out the exact shipping fee I'd charge my clients. I want to charge, not necessarily the cheapest, but affordable and reasonable shipping fees to clients. So, I have calculated the costs and rates, and made revisions to the shipping fees.

Starting November, shipping rates will be:

P90 - for one item
P70 - for two to three items
P50 - for four to five items
free - for six or more items as long as items do not exceed 2kls.

I hope these rates are reasonable and afforable. I ship via Air21.

I am open to comments and suggestions, as to better courier and better rates.

Four Footwear

Prices (left-right):
P90 ..... P140
P140 ..... P140

This evening, I posted four pairs of footwear (3 sandals and 1 pumps) at the shop. These pairs are from a friend's closet and has been with her for 2-4 (sandals, 2years and pumps, 4 years). These pairs are still in very good pre-loved condition. I would have bought the sandals with the straps but I am a size 7 and these pairs are all in size 6.

Prices are also negotiable.

Photos are by Joel Lopez.