Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Outfit: Quilt Skirt

Quilted skirt I thrifted last Sunday. The skirt is really made up of different pieces of cloth patched together to make a skirt.

Skirt - knitted A.P.C. (thrifted)
Belt - thrifted

Cheap Food: Bais/Dumaguete

This blog is not just about cheap finds (clothes) at the thrift stores. This blog is also about cheap finds outside the thrift stores -- cheap ways to travel, etc.

Whenever my boyfriend and I travel, our top priority is always to see to it that the place we're going to has decent places where we can eat. While Dumaguete City is bursting with food places, Bais City is the opposite.

Photos (top to bottom):
- Hotcake & Ice Crumble (P10)
- Cheeseburger (?)
- Egg & Cheese Sandwich (?)
- Beef Stew, Potato Croquette, Greek Salad, and Chicken Asparagus Soup (P300 or less)
- Spanish Chorizo, Scrambled Eggs (P150 or less)
- Spanish Omelet (P150 or less)

first 4 photos by Joel Lopez
last 2 photos by me

Levi's Store Sale

If you are in Cebu, and happen to drop by Ayala Center -- the Levi's store (ground floor) is having a sort-of until-supplies-last sale of men's denim and polo shirts. Most of the pants, albeit a few seasons old, are in very low prices -- less than P2,000. The Levi's store is also having a promo where you can exchange your old pair of jeans, even if non-Levi's brand, and get a P500 discount from your Levi's purchase.


P.S. This is not a paid advertisement from Levi's.