Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thrifted Blazers


These days I am into blazers, of course thrifted.  I tried on a black blazer in Topshop and it fitted like it was made for me. It looked so good but it also came with a P5,000++ price tag(!!).  The cheap-o that I am, of course I would not, could not buy it. P5k is almost one installment payment in law school. So I resort to thrift stores. And one of those blazers I found was this vintage, silky unlined long blazer that feels so comfortable. In this pictures, I wore this over a vintage one-piece bathing suit and my sister's old denim shorts. We went to a swimming pool, and we had the swimming pool all by ourselves.

Happy weekend! The day started cold, but now it's sunshiny.  Hope you enjoy your weekend!