Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taoist Temple

We took what was supposed to be our last leg of photoshoot for the Shop's November lookbook at the Philippine Taoist Temple today. The temple, located inside the Beverly Hills subdivision in Lahug, is an unexpensive tourist destination in Cebu City. And today was a very tourist-y day.

There are seven items for November that we didn't finish to shoot because the guard already drove us away. There were lots of people today, busloads of people, mostly Chinese and students on tour.

Although the temple provides a lot of lookbook-worthy backdrop, I wouldn't recommend it for photoshoots unless you ask prior permission from the temple administrator.

For today's shoot, I would like to thank Chu-Chu and Des for being game models. Our shots didn't take us a lot of time because these two, I think, have already practiced their poses and smiles. :D I love you both, superduper.

Also, I would like to thank Auntie Norma, and my cousins Jady and Vene for accompanying us for carrying the bags of clothes and accessories around.

Last, thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for the wonderful photos. :)

For this shoot, each person spent less than P50 (P26 for fare and P20 for snacks).

A Big Thank You

to Atty. Tormis and Ms. Aljas!

Four Looks: Ruffled Blouse

I snatched this classic white ruffled top from a thrift shop just last Thursday and is putting this up in the shop in November (along with the jeans and jackets worn my model). The blouse comes with a detachable sash of the same color and material and, at first, I thought it was burdensome. But later realized that you can transform the look of the blouse in many different ways using the sash. Not seen here in picture is the sash used as a scarf, because that is a plain thing to do.

Left-Right, Top-Bottom:

Blouse w/o Sash . . . Sash worn as a waist belt
Blouse under a Jacket . . . Sash worn as a Neck tie