Friday, February 12, 2010

Today's Outfit: Tulips & a Birthday & Paris

Today, after dropping by the church for a few minutes and saying a prayer, I was hanging out (by myself) in probably my favorite cafe. The first hour just went by in a blur, spent reading today's paper and catching up with work. The next few hours were a bore, and was spent in anticipation of tonight's movie, Paris.

Today is my granpere's birthday. He died almost 5 years ago, and, of course, I still miss him. He was our hero. I bought a cupcake to celebrate his birthday.

What I wore today (sorry, I forgot to ask my boyfriend to take a picture of me), I wore a thrifted floral skirt that I had hemmed. I was wearing a knitted short-sleeved blouse. The skirt + blouse outfit is a uniform to me. I wear it all the time. I punched up my outfit with the pair of thrifted gray booties I listed at the Shop for sale.

Gucci Group: Alexander McQueen Has Died

Gucci Group: Alexander McQueen Has Died