Friday, October 30, 2009

Now Serving..

The Shop is now open to reservations and orders for the November uploads. :)


Tonight -- is the shop's uploads. 8PM. I hope you'll all be there. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Outfit: GGB

Top: Chiffon tunic, thrifted
Shorts: Eddie Bauer vintage, thrifted
Ring: bazaar find, P150

Hala! Sorry for the harassed look. I actually look like this almost everyday. Today was a little bit gulo-gulong buhay. One of our editors was absent due to a headache caused by an inefficient eyesight, and I had to take over assembling a draft for one of our newsletters. Plus, a brown-out occurred in the afternoon, halting my momentum. Nothing special is happening tonight, but I am off to my boyfriend's house to have dinner with his family. It is a casual dinner, and I am all for just being comfortable.

Sneek Peak: Casual Chic

November at the Shop will offer several pieces of casual tops. The weather is really weird (sometimes raining hard, sometimes too sunshiny all in one day!), and these tops are perfect for those kind of weather. Easy to wear, comfortable enough to be layered under a jacket, not too thin or thick, and [most especially] quick to dry. :D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's Outfit: Rush to the Meeting

Top: thrifted
Pants: dug from Lola's bags of old clothes
Sandals: Mendrez, bought almost 3yrs ago for P500 or so
Bag: Liz Claiborne, gift from Tita Mae
Shades: bought for P120

Today, I had a late afternoon meeting with my co-team managers to assess our editors' case assignments and to prepare a line-up of who are getting the next billion-dollar bankruptcy filings. The past week at work has been a little riot with five billion-dollar bankruptcy cases added to our roster of cases (!). Though the meeting was late and though I had ample time to prepare, I was in a rush going out of the house because I took a bath late as I had to finish tasks at work before going out.

I think my outfit today showed how ill-thought of it was (like most of what I wear all the time). I just grabbed what I thought were the most comfortable items in my closet. The pants, I grabbed from one of the bags of old clothes my Grandma keeps in her guestroom. The pair is a bit highwaist and fit in my tummy but I still wear it because it feels comfortable.

All's well today and I think we covered a lot of ground during the meeting. And I had a sumptuous dinner care of my boyfriend's mother.

Also, today is my cousin Jady's 18th birthday. You've been seeing a lot of her in the shop's sneek peak portions as I got her to model some clothes to be posted in November. Happy birthday, cuz! May all your dreams come true, and I love you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneek Peak: Fall Princess

Two items to be listed at the Shop this November: a princessy dress and a classic/classy quilted bag. Both bag and dress are thrift finds and are in good thrifted condition.

The dress (tag: Clio from Paris) is made of cotton (feels like linen) and accentuated by lace and tassels at the sleeves. I am not very sure if the dress is vintage but it does look like it's vintage. Very pretty and girly.

The bag (tag: Paolo Gucci) will remind you of the popular Chanel quilted and chain-strapped bags. As per my research, Paolo Gucci is one of the members of the famed Gucci family. I don't know if he actually designed this bag as he died in 1995 but the bag bears his name.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's Outfit: Candice's Birthday!

Dress: thrifted (P25)
Belt: thrifted (P45)
Bag: gift from Grandma (free)
Earrings: gift from Riza of Preloved Gallery (free)
Slippers: bought 3 yrs ago (about P120) (not shown)

Today was Candice's 12th birthday (she's my boyfriend's niece) and she texted me early this morning and invited me to her party. I haven't been invited to a kid's birthday before by the birthday celebrant (did I say it right?) Always, I'd get invited by the kid's parents or I am organizing the kid's party, hence, I invited myself.

The dress is one I bought for P25 three months ago at some house (about four blocks from ours) selling used/vintage clothing. I didn't like most of what they were selling but I managed to grab some decent ones including this one. This is not the original design of the dress. I reworked this just hours before the party. The original dress had batwings (which I didn't like) and a longer hem. But I love the print of the dress and the fact that the dress weighs almost nothing. I cut off the sleeves and the hem and stitched them up by hand. :D The sewing machine my Grandma gave me is not yet functional.

Sneak Peek: Denim!

These two pairs of denim have been in stock in the shop since the shop started in July. These are my sister's beloved pair of original Levi's denim jeans and these are gift from my mother. We took months deliberating whether to sell these or save these up for our daughters (or our sons). None of us could no longer fit the jeans (these genetic thighs!) and so, we finally decided to put the two pairs up for sale. I hope these two find a better home and hope these two will make their future owner happy -- happy to have invested in a guaranteed no-fail rock-chick pair of jeans.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taoist Temple

We took what was supposed to be our last leg of photoshoot for the Shop's November lookbook at the Philippine Taoist Temple today. The temple, located inside the Beverly Hills subdivision in Lahug, is an unexpensive tourist destination in Cebu City. And today was a very tourist-y day.

There are seven items for November that we didn't finish to shoot because the guard already drove us away. There were lots of people today, busloads of people, mostly Chinese and students on tour.

Although the temple provides a lot of lookbook-worthy backdrop, I wouldn't recommend it for photoshoots unless you ask prior permission from the temple administrator.

For today's shoot, I would like to thank Chu-Chu and Des for being game models. Our shots didn't take us a lot of time because these two, I think, have already practiced their poses and smiles. :D I love you both, superduper.

Also, I would like to thank Auntie Norma, and my cousins Jady and Vene for accompanying us for carrying the bags of clothes and accessories around.

Last, thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for the wonderful photos. :)

For this shoot, each person spent less than P50 (P26 for fare and P20 for snacks).

A Big Thank You

to Atty. Tormis and Ms. Aljas!

Four Looks: Ruffled Blouse

I snatched this classic white ruffled top from a thrift shop just last Thursday and is putting this up in the shop in November (along with the jeans and jackets worn my model). The blouse comes with a detachable sash of the same color and material and, at first, I thought it was burdensome. But later realized that you can transform the look of the blouse in many different ways using the sash. Not seen here in picture is the sash used as a scarf, because that is a plain thing to do.

Left-Right, Top-Bottom:

Blouse w/o Sash . . . Sash worn as a waist belt
Blouse under a Jacket . . . Sash worn as a Neck tie

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little Sleep

Today was a busy day despite having to spend all day at the house! Even after sleeping late last night, I woke up at 7:30 this morning to finish unfinished work for two and a half hours. I then proceeded to take photos of the last batch of clothes to be uploaded this November. Then I proceeded to make an inventory of the clothes and did their pricing. After that, we had about two hours of photoshoot (our first batch). We will continue tomorrow. In the evening, I take measurements of all the remaining clothes. I am almost dead tire and is itching to drink a glass of Coca-Cola with lots of ice.

But I still have photos to upload. :)

Hope you had a good and fruitful Saturday.

Lucky Find: Velvet Ribbons

When I was a kid, my grandmother made me wear all the velvety dresses that my mother's younger cousin handed down. Everybody in town thought I was a pretty little girl. I thought the dresses were pretty stiff, itchy, and hot (my mother's cousin lives in the United States and I live in the Philippines!). Reminiscing those days, I realized I wouldn't hesitate to wear those outfits (only in bigger sizes of course!) if only to make my grandmother happy. :D

This black velvet bow the size of my palm will come the nearest to those childhood velvet outfits. I bought this bow, which was originally a hair clip, for P5. The clip was no longer functional so I ditched it. I can imagine a lot of outfits where this bow would be appropriate. And, I am also wearing this bow during this weekend's series of photoshoots for the shop's November uploads. :)

Me excited!

Today's Outfit: Pink Scrunchies

dress: thrifted
jacket: thrifted
bag: Victoria's Secret, borrowed from sister
sandals: Grendha
ring: bazaar find
earrings: gift from Preloved Gallery
arm candy: scrunchies turned arm candy :D

photo by the adorable and sexy boyfriend

Tonight was reunion night. Not all night though. I started my night accompanying my sister in her IELTS exam at the Marco Polo hotel. Then we had dinner at The Outpost. Then my boyfriend and I joined my college classmates at Kalye 80's at Rahman St.

I was a bit tired already when we got to Kalye, and would have loved to chill with sister or boyfriend a bit longer at The Outpost as I had a rather long day at word, but it's good seeing my classmates I haven't seen in a long time. (I used the word "long" thrice in the sentence).

Now, I'm already very sleepy (!) but still managed to post this. Raarrr.

So, onto the outfit. The dress is thrifted and will probably be posted at the shop in December in time for the holiday season. It is in pale pink, made in cotton, with a subtle sheer. I love it because it is short and doesn't make me look frumpy and I love its chiffon sleeves. The jacket is also thrifted. It looks like a leather biker jacket, but is actually made of polyester and also has a sheer shimmer. The arm candy, though, is my favorite. I already told you about the scrunchies, and this is how I'd wear them at one point.


Bon week-end!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sneak Peek: Coco Chanel

midnight blue dress, Chanel Boutique

One day while thrifting, I chanced upon this midnight blue button-down Chanel dress. Of course, because it was a Chanel, I grabbed it and tried it on. And I was lucky because it fitted me. I brought the dress to the laundry shop. But when I got it, the dress was shrunk to a whole size down.

I think I made a mistake as the instructions said to have the dress dry cleaned.

The dress will be posted at the shop in November. UPDATE: Someone has already reserved the dress! Wohoo! Thank you, dear!

10/22/09 Outfit: Floral Skirt

Hat: borrowed from cousin, decorated w/ thrifted scarf
Top: thrifted (will be sold at the shop soon)
Skirt: thrifted, 6 years ago
Bag: Liz Claiborne, borrowed from sister, gift from Tita Mae
Ring: plastic, bought for P100

My outfit for taking a break from work and eating snacks outside the house. I didn't get to wear the hat though because by the time I got out of the house, the sun was beginning to set.

The skirt is one of my "comfort clothes." I bought it six years ago, when I was college, for P30 and have worn it over and over. There is only one catch in this skirt... When I wear this, I don't know what to pair it with, so I always end up pairing it with either a plain white shirt/cami or a plain black top. Rrrrr.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lucky Find: Scrunchies

I don't know when was the last time I wore scrunchies -- maybe when I was a little girl. Since highschool, I think I have preferred wearing plain black thin ponytails, or sometimes rubber bands. But cloth ponytails are better because they don't "eat" my hair.

Anyway, I read this blog about scrunchies in Jenni Epperson's blog, and saw the Wondergirls of the Nobody, Nobody but Chu (sorry!) fame wearing scrunchies . . . in their arms! :D

And because I am such a cheapie, and I don't want to spend more than P50 on hair ties, I said I'll be lucky if there will be scrunchies for sale, and luckier if I'll find scrunchies that fit my taste.

Boy, I was lucky. Because the thrift shop haven has a pile of scrunchies in their store for P5 each! I bought three -- in the safest colors, pink, black and grey. But will probably be back for more.

I have already transformed the black one into a headpiece... I'll show it to you one of these days when I have found a fitting headband to attach it to. And the pink one is perfect as an arm candy. The grey one, I still don't know how to use it. Maybe just as a scrunchie? (how creative) :D

By the way, the banner photo of the blog, is, yes, the pink scrunchie.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's Outfit: Pink Stripes

Top: Vintage & thrifted
Pant: sister's plain black cropped pants, probably thrifted
Bag: vintage Nina Ricci, thrifted
Necklace: bought from Preloved Gallery for less than P100

Because I work at home, I don't have much reason to get out and get dressed. So, I welcome opportunities of getting out, so to speak, even if it just means, like today, going to the bank, which is just 10-15minutes from the house. :D

I listed the blouse at the shop at the start of October -- but really didn't mean to because I really liked the pink color and the kind of fabric the shirt was made of. After three weeks of standing by, I pulled the shirt out from the shop and wore it today. I think I'm keeping the shirt (but no finalities as I might eat my own words). The shirt's very comfortable, just the right size for me, and the stripes and heart-shaped buttons are pretty. The shirt's not that perfect though as there are stains already, as expected from most thrifted and vintage items.

Also, I am finding the shoulder bag very ladylike. Very prim and proper ladylike. Except that the gold closure does not "close" anymore.

Girl Crush: Katy Perry

I haven't heard of this singer until A.S.A.P. (a local variety show) started advertising her upcoming concert in the county. I googled her and thought she's gorgeous. She is downright beautiful in the most beautiful way -- black hair, big eyes, and those lips. And sexy too!

I loved her looks in these pictures because they channel 50's pin-up. I don't quite particularly like the first photo with Ms. Perry in the pink dress because her hair is messy. :D I absolutely adore the beach whole get-up in the second photo, the way her tummy shows in the third photo, the vintage romper in the fourth, and the dress in the last photo. The dress in the last photo is the best. :D

p.s. all photos from flickr

Lucky Find: Studded Leather Belt

I have never been a fan of belts . . . I have always thought they only have a utilitarian use -- for holding up pants/shorts/skirts that are too big for me. In that regard, I only had one black leather belt with a silver buckle for three years, then I added one thin belt with a silver buckle in patent blue leather last year, and I was happy. :)

I am not a follower of the belt-shoes matching rule (because I have few shoes and fewer belts). But since I found my thrift store haven, I've found myself buying more (and more) belts. I am, of course, drawn towards vintage leather belts, like the one above.

And, fixing up outfits with my new (but old) belts, I realized how much belts ommphs an outfit. Not only are they utilitarian.

P.S. I am singing (croaking rather because I have colds) to The Corrs! I have been a fan when I was in highschool and haven't heard from then since, and I didn't expect I can still sing along to their songs after all these years. Weeh! Thank you boyfriend for the songs/albums. Mwah!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lookbook: Favorites in October

Less than two weeks remaining and October will end. I am now planning the shop's November lookbook -- this time, with guest models (!) and maybe a guest photographer, aside from the shop's inhouse photographer, my boyfriend. :D

Early October, my boyfriend and I shot the October lookbook with little budget. For November, there is the same little budget (all models and photographers are pro bono and we all commute!). But I am pretty sure it will be a fun shoot, as I already have fun preparing the outfits. :)

My favorite "looks" in the shop's October uploads:


I wanna cry, just for a little bit.
I have been deceived, a lot of times.

The past few days, I have been surfing the Internet for pictures/blogs/information on places my boyfriend and I plan to visit next month. Sure, I clicked on a lot of sites displaying pictures of the places.. but boy! I am truly disappointed. Obviously and overly photoshopped/digitally enhanced photos are everywhere, and I hate it.

I am not against digitally enhancing photos, but I am partial against those that overly enhance their photos to the point of exaggeration and fantasy. Some trees look like they belong to fairyland.

But I understand that enhancing photos nowadays are new ways of expressing creativity. But I still long for realist photos.


Lucky Find: Scarves

Scarves! At P20 each! :)

I found a new haven for thrift shopping. Although most of their items are piled up, meaning I have to dig up to find what I am looking for... But their bags, shoes and belts are hanged making it easier for me to choose. They also have a very helpful staff (or maybe my suki staff is the only one who's helpful?) because he carries all the goods I have chosen while I continue browsing. Plus, the owner is a charming old man.

Monday, October 19, 2009

10/19 Style Inspire

first 2 photos: Kathryn of Kansas Couture
3rd & 4th photos, sorry I forgot where exactly I got these two

Kathryn's outfits are, for me, the right amount of color, the right amount of femininity and sexiness, and outmost comfortable. Well, except maybe for the blue tube top. I'd probably replace that a corset like top with straps to make sure the top don't fall off. :D

The 3rd photo, I got from an online shop selling Korean clothes. From this photo, it's easy to see why we covet Korean-style of dressing up. They're never frumpy, never too customey or design-y, in cool colors and in easy and comfortable to wear designs.

The last photo, I covet the hair and the big red flower. Oh, it's the hair, the hair, the hair!