Monday, March 8, 2010

Style File: Floaty Top + Striped Shirt

striped bodysuit + floaty skirt + gold chain belt used as a necklace is a look I'm going for these days. Part angel, part rocker.
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An Outfit: Miss Gadget


I multi-task and aim to finish more than 1 project in one sitting. That's probably why I don't always excel in everything I do -- because my mind (concentration and all) is divided. But last Saturday, I was really multi-tasking. Taking photos, holding the flash for my boyfriend, texting my friend, and modeling (well, posing before the camera for a test shot). :P

We had a photoshoot last Saturday for a highschool classmate and her boyfriend. They wanted us to take pictures of them. They're not getting married; they just want to have pictures of themselves. I enjoyed it despite the hot sun!

On to the outfit:
Hat - Pierre Cardin, thrifted
Top - thrifted three years ago
Skirt - thrifted
Sandals - Grendha

If you're wondering what cameras I have slinging in my body.. both are Pentax film cameras.

Photos by my boyfriend.