Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wrap-around and A Good Education

In my last trip to the thrift stores, I scored several dresses, about 6, for P40 each. All the dresses were still in good condition and my favorite one was this dark blue wrap-around dress with white prints.

Wrap-around dresses are figure-flattering. They emphasize or give you the illusion of a well-proportioned waist and they hide big hips/thighs (like mine) if the skirt is a full circle skirt.

On the background is my elementary school. All my primary, secondary and tertiary years were spent in public schools but I never felt I was robbed of anything I was supposed to learn. I spent my elementary years in a public school in Siquijor, but by the time I went to Cebu for highschool at a state university highschool, my classmates thought I came from a private school because I spoke English very well. My teachers at the public schools were "old school" but very good and dedicated educators.

Anyway, my point is, I still believe in public schools. :)