Monday, April 4, 2011

A Cheap Find is Not Always a Bargain


Yes. Most of the times we jump for joy when we find something that's so dirt cheap that we sometimes forget to check the product's quality. Sometimes because it's so dirt cheap we buy it though we're not very sure we need it. One of the thrifting mistakes we (rather, I) make is being too consumed by the happiness of finding something very cheap that we lose our reason and buy anything (and almost everything) that comes on sight. Thrifting should not be a substitute for binge shopping; it should not be made a cheaper alternative to shopping. Don't think that just because thrifted clothes are cheaper, they make your buys reasonable. No, they don't. If you just thrift and thrift, buy and buy, you accumulate things -- things you don't even like in the first place, and your closet will be filled with thrash.

I'm saying this because I bought the dress I'm wearing in the pictures for only P40. Of course, P40 for a cotton summer dress is a bargain. A wonderful bargain perhaps. But because I was too consumed with being too happy finding a P40 dress, I hardly checked the condition of the dress. Putting the dress into a tub of water for washing, I noticed there were tears in the zipper and some other areas in the dress. Ironing the dress, I saw many, as in many, spots of stains in the front portion of the skirt. Sewing and repairing the tears took me about an hour, mostly because the fabric was almost threadbare.

So, what I want to say to you, my dear readers and fellow thrifters, (but mostly to myself), a cheap find is not always a bargain.

Dress - thrifted
Bag - sister's
Belt - vintage
Bracelet - gift from tita