Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's Outfit: Pink Stripes

Top: Vintage & thrifted
Pant: sister's plain black cropped pants, probably thrifted
Bag: vintage Nina Ricci, thrifted
Necklace: bought from Preloved Gallery for less than P100

Because I work at home, I don't have much reason to get out and get dressed. So, I welcome opportunities of getting out, so to speak, even if it just means, like today, going to the bank, which is just 10-15minutes from the house. :D

I listed the blouse at the shop at the start of October -- but really didn't mean to because I really liked the pink color and the kind of fabric the shirt was made of. After three weeks of standing by, I pulled the shirt out from the shop and wore it today. I think I'm keeping the shirt (but no finalities as I might eat my own words). The shirt's very comfortable, just the right size for me, and the stripes and heart-shaped buttons are pretty. The shirt's not that perfect though as there are stains already, as expected from most thrifted and vintage items.

Also, I am finding the shoulder bag very ladylike. Very prim and proper ladylike. Except that the gold closure does not "close" anymore.

Girl Crush: Katy Perry

I haven't heard of this singer until A.S.A.P. (a local variety show) started advertising her upcoming concert in the county. I googled her and thought she's gorgeous. She is downright beautiful in the most beautiful way -- black hair, big eyes, and those lips. And sexy too!

I loved her looks in these pictures because they channel 50's pin-up. I don't quite particularly like the first photo with Ms. Perry in the pink dress because her hair is messy. :D I absolutely adore the beach whole get-up in the second photo, the way her tummy shows in the third photo, the vintage romper in the fourth, and the dress in the last photo. The dress in the last photo is the best. :D

p.s. all photos from flickr

Lucky Find: Studded Leather Belt

I have never been a fan of belts . . . I have always thought they only have a utilitarian use -- for holding up pants/shorts/skirts that are too big for me. In that regard, I only had one black leather belt with a silver buckle for three years, then I added one thin belt with a silver buckle in patent blue leather last year, and I was happy. :)

I am not a follower of the belt-shoes matching rule (because I have few shoes and fewer belts). But since I found my thrift store haven, I've found myself buying more (and more) belts. I am, of course, drawn towards vintage leather belts, like the one above.

And, fixing up outfits with my new (but old) belts, I realized how much belts ommphs an outfit. Not only are they utilitarian.

P.S. I am singing (croaking rather because I have colds) to The Corrs! I have been a fan when I was in highschool and haven't heard from then since, and I didn't expect I can still sing along to their songs after all these years. Weeh! Thank you boyfriend for the songs/albums. Mwah!