Friday, June 3, 2011

Road Revolution on June 12


the campaign called ROAD REVOLUTION, which seeks to reduce car-use in favor of more eco-friendly and energy-efficient commuting systems such as bicycling and the use of an indigenous human-powered rail car.

We call on government to make it a policy to discourage car use through legislation such as the pedestrianization (closure to motor traffic) of certain streets and areas of the city; the widening and improvement of sidewalks to make them safe for children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities; and the appropriation of lanes for bikes and rail systems in major roads, as well as planters for “umbrella trees” and vegetables.

To enable Cebuanos to experience a revitalized street culture brought about by pedestrianization, we propose to declare a “Carfree Day” for the whole stretch of OsmeƱa Boulevard on June 12, 2011. We urge the City Hall to close the street to vehicular traffic on that day to allow people to walk, run, or bike as they enjoy the reprise from carbon pollution and traffic jam.

We urge participants to bring potted plants to simulate street planters used to mark lanes, enjoy shopping at the makeshift pedestrian mall, and take part in the street party with invited artists, musicians, and performers.

The activity is just the beginning of the local movement to promote green alternatives to public transportation in order to make Cebu a safer and more livable place for everyone. Indeed, it’s just the first step to a ROAD REVOLUTION.

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