Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lookbook: Favorites in October

Less than two weeks remaining and October will end. I am now planning the shop's November lookbook -- this time, with guest models (!) and maybe a guest photographer, aside from the shop's inhouse photographer, my boyfriend. :D

Early October, my boyfriend and I shot the October lookbook with little budget. For November, there is the same little budget (all models and photographers are pro bono and we all commute!). But I am pretty sure it will be a fun shoot, as I already have fun preparing the outfits. :)

My favorite "looks" in the shop's October uploads:


I wanna cry, just for a little bit.
I have been deceived, a lot of times.

The past few days, I have been surfing the Internet for pictures/blogs/information on places my boyfriend and I plan to visit next month. Sure, I clicked on a lot of sites displaying pictures of the places.. but boy! I am truly disappointed. Obviously and overly photoshopped/digitally enhanced photos are everywhere, and I hate it.

I am not against digitally enhancing photos, but I am partial against those that overly enhance their photos to the point of exaggeration and fantasy. Some trees look like they belong to fairyland.

But I understand that enhancing photos nowadays are new ways of expressing creativity. But I still long for realist photos.


Lucky Find: Scarves

Scarves! At P20 each! :)

I found a new haven for thrift shopping. Although most of their items are piled up, meaning I have to dig up to find what I am looking for... But their bags, shoes and belts are hanged making it easier for me to choose. They also have a very helpful staff (or maybe my suki staff is the only one who's helpful?) because he carries all the goods I have chosen while I continue browsing. Plus, the owner is a charming old man.