Saturday, December 17, 2011

Project Rework No. 2


Why is it that when I think of turtlenecks I always think of "old"? I fell in love with this turtleneck top because of its print and fabric, which is very comfortable. I was not very sure with the turtleneck so I listed the top at the Shop in the hopes that someone would know how to wear it better.  Last night, while going over different outfits to wear and bearing in mind the stormy weather, I wanted to wear something comfortable but a little off-the-chart. I thought of this turtleneck top but I couldn't bear to wear it because I looked "old." (I do look older and heavier in the top photos). So I decided to do something. I cut off the turtleneck and sliced through the shoulders of the top so it'd show off some skin.

Do you think the reworked top looks better? Do tell me..

At the bottom photos, am wearing:
top - reworked
shorts - sister's
flats - thrifted Salvatore Ferragamo
bag - vintage, the sling I used is a chain necklace
earrings - do-it-yourself, how to here

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