Saturday, October 17, 2009

Past Finds

A hot pink summer dress (label: Hollister) that I probably bought a year ago or so. Probably, because I can't remember when I bought this or where. All I know is that this piece of sexy summer dress was brought before November 2008 as I already wore this during my boyfriend and my 2nd anniversary in Bohol. Only wore this dress twice. And this dress is a little big for me, especially the bust part. I am putting this up for sale at the shop as part of my November uploads.

I found this dress (label: Clio from Paris) very princessy and would have loved to wear this if I am a princessy person, except that I'm not. Well, we girls have a little princess (or queen) inside of us but I think the dress is too kyoot for my age already. And the sleeves are also a little tight for my taste. So, I am also putting this up for sale in the shop in November. :D

What About

Three months ago, I started an online shop -- to sell thrifted and vintage items I find around the city. More than five years ago, when I was in college, because I didn't have money and went to a university that didn't have a uniform, I started "thrifting." I started shopping in the ukay-ukay (which means digging-digging in Cebuano) to look for what I thought were cool items.

Most of the clothes I thrifted back then were mostly generic -- tee-shirts, camisoles, shorts or skirts that I could not afford to buy if sold in the malls or boutiques. I was never the trendy, the fashion-forward, nor the person with a good sense of style. I was a copycat. I thought I'd look cool if I wear clothes like what the "sosyal" people in campus were wearing. I know I was wrong but I didn't have any concrete style icon at that time.

Then, I happened to grab a copy of a Lucky magazine. And since then, their magazines, and their two published style books, have been my fashion bible.

Finding personal style is a lot of hardwork, frustrations and disappointments. But there are also successes and I have never been happier when I've perfected a look that truly fits me and my personality. I may already be in that stage that I am comfortable with my style and knows what works for me and what doesn't. But I am also still in that stage where I still want to experiment and try out new-found looks (high-waist shorts, for example!).

I started this blog to document my thrifting adventures. I always refer to those days I go thrifting as adventures because I don't know what I will find. Some days, all I find are treasures, some days thrash.