Friday, June 10, 2011


Was sporting a huge smile because a guy kept on walking behind me while we were taking these photos. I should have asked him to join me in the photos.

Top - ralph lauren
Skirt - reworked
Sandals - dept. store
Bag - gift from mother

Ok, what I really wanted to share is this. Today's already Friday afternoon, and on Sunday is our country's independence day. Yes, we may have been free from other country's control but we, as a country, still has a long way to go to total freedom (think progressive, forward Philippines). On Sunday, if you're in Cebu, join us for a Road Revolution, a one step towards "freedom." The whole of Osmena Boulevard (Capitol to the beautiful Plaza Independencia) will be closed to give the people a chance to walk, run, jog, hop, bicycle, skate, tumbling(!) freely. The goal is to have four major roads in the city improved to give more space for pedestrians, bikers, people with disabilities, etc. Ok? Join us.