Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sleep Clothes


January is end-of-season sale, but January was also insurance-payment month.  And, as much as I would like to spend all money on beautiful things, it is best to save away some amount for when I can no longer afford to work as much to buy beautiful things on end-of-season sales...  One day in January, before Sinulog and during the sale season, my cousin and I went out to the mall and this was what I wore.  Before we went out of the house, she asked me if I am still sleepy. And I asked why? She said because I look like I'm wearing my sleep clothes.  I actually was. This thrifted lightweight blazer is very comfortable that it was the first thing I got from my closet when the weather is shiny but a little chilly.  Underneath it, I wore a camisole that I bought several years ago and has small tears already.  I was almost wearing my sleep clothes, and I kind-of liked it. ^_^

Am wearing:
blazer - thrifted
cami - thrifted
trousers - thrifted
sandals - sale
bag - gift