Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday [thrift] Shopping

I have been lately missing from the blogosphere. I have been reading blogs, in fact, reading too many blogs and absorbing a lot of inspiration from other bloggers. I have been fairly busy and it won't change in the next weeks. And, mostly, I have been very lazy.. to take outfit pictures. :D

Anyway, I had a tiring day today as I roamed the city to scour thrift shops. I made several purchases, which I'd like to keep for myself but which I won't because clients at the shop are requesting for new stocks.

Photos of what I purchased today:






Ohh.. one of the few things that kept me busy the past days, aside from work (I had to take on new bankruptcy cases -- Japan Airlines and Mesa Air), I also began posting daily pseudo-polaroids at the facebook account and over at 356 Pola.