Thursday, April 14, 2011



Since the start of summer, I have been cleaning out my closet and room and segregating clothes into three piles: stay, out, give away. I have donated a bag of clothes to Anthill Fabric Gallery for a ragdoll project of a women's group in Brgy. Cogon Pardo, Cebu City. I have stashed away some party clothes that have remained unworn to be given away, and sold some clothes that I know no one in the family can fit into.

If you feel you have "no more" clothes to wear and can only think of buying new clothes every time an occasion to dress up arises or if you feel you have been wearing the same old boring clothes since forever, clean up your closet and give away those clothes you (i) have not worn in a year, (ii) clothes that you feel ugly in, and (iii) clothes that are too ratty you feel and look like a rag when you wear them. Give them away, give them away.

With the remaining clothes in your closet, mix and match, and experiment. You'll have fun.

Freeing up your closet could equate to freeing up your mind.

Blazer - Bossini ladies
Top - Ralph Lauren
Shorts - gifted
Shoes - local espadrilles
Bag - gifted
(all old pieces)