Saturday, October 29, 2011

Outfit Post: Attached Collar


Because it's almost Halloween, I donned an all-black ensemble.  But for fear of being too witchy, I wore a pair of nude pumps and accessorized with a fake collar. :) Last year, I sold a retro-style dress, which had a cute pair of white collars. But the dress was snapped up by one beautiful customer before I had the chance to make a prototype. Recently, I noticed that the cute -- I think they call it "peter pan" collars -- are making rounds in some blogs.  I was looking for a different kind of fabric in the stores so I could begin making the collars, but I could not find the fabric I was looking for in the color I want.  Then I found pieces of fabric in my room from the sleeves of a vintage dress and I thought the fabric was the perfect kind since it's heavy enough to hold its own weight. So I made one collar today. :)

I made the pattern myself, which makes it very imperfect.  But you experiment with the pattern first with used paper before cutting up fabrics. And, also, put the pattern you have together to see if you got the depth of the neck right. After that cut up the fabric, stitch the front together, or use a button as I did.  I also stitched around the collar so that the fabric won't fray.  Attach a ribbon at the two ends, for closure at the back, or you can pin the collars into your dress with safety pins. Very easy and cute!

What I wore:
top - early 2000 linen sleeveless trench
pant - sister's very old leggings
shoes - thrifted staccato
sunnies - vintage ray-bans

Outfit Post: Jeans


I own 6 pairs of jeans. Four are thrifted, one is from my sister, and one is from my aunt -- the pair I'm wearing in the picture. I can still remember the first pair of jeans I owned, an imitation Calvin Klein jeans when I was 12 years old.  That pair was stolen by the son-in-law of our laundrywoman. Then Tita bought me and my cousin another pair when I was 14, high-waisted and tapered at the ankles. Then in college my sister and I had a frenzy on Levi's jeans. After college and while working, I no longer found it comfortable to wear jeans, especially when commuting to work. And now, I own 6 pair of jeans, none of which is the "sexy, skinny" style. I am in the constant search for that "perfect" pair of jeans in thrift stores (OK, maybe I would find the perfect pair in boutiques specializing in jeans/denims but I am thrifty and I don't want to spend much (and "much" means not more than P200) on a pair) but still no luck for me.

What I'm wearing:
top - Giordano
jeans - aunt's
belt - vintage
bag - thrifted
shoes - thrifted

It's a long weekend for us the Philippines. Enjoy, and stay safe!  :) :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New at the Shop


Here are some things I uploaded at the Shop for sale.  Some are not new, I actually already posted them for sale last summer, but I re-shoot them to give them a "fresh" take.  It has been a long time since I last sold things at the Shop, but I was thinking about it all throughout the year.  I am glad to be back. Expect some more stuff to be upload the next few weeks. :)

By the way, I am using Multiply's new format for online sellers. I think it's more organized and efficient for both seller and buyer.  So, happy online thrift shopping! :)

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wide-Legged Pants


This is my other pair of wide-legged pants.  Although I would love to wear skinny jeans (and I dream of wearing skinny dreams all the time), they are not the best cut for me because I have mmm.. ample hips.  In 2010, I wore the pair this way. I think the 2010 outfit was chaka.

Today I wore it with a green cropped top, woven bag, floral bangles from Landmark and slippers.  We were gonna get some Krispy Kremes but the line was too long.

What I'm wearing:

top - thrifted
pants - thrifted
slippers - Metro Ayala
bag - gift
bangles - The Landmark
sunnies - downtown Cebu

Friday, October 21, 2011

Color Blocking


Color-blocking has been popular this year, especially in fashion.  I have tried color-blocking but couldn't get it right.  I have no color-blocking photos, mostly because I did not think it worked.  I have always been a black or white or neutral-colored girl and find it hard to incorporate colorful pieces into my wardrobe, especially strong colors.  As they say, fashion is not for the faint-hearted. I admit, I don't like to experiment.  If it works, it's good, and it's for keeps.  But today, as I was inquiring at Air21 about their latest package rates, I saw the chance to color-block! :D :D :D

Wearing a dress that was my sister's, which she gave to me because she's worse than me; she's more afraid of color. :P I'm also wearing thrifted red flats and holding a vintage blazer.

P.S. If you have nothing to do on Sunday night (or before/after checking the Krispy Kreme outlet at IT Park) and you're here in Cebu City, join us at The Outpost for a gear swap.  Just Got Lucky Shop will be there [sorry, I'm not very outdoorsy, I'll only be selling less than 10 items, but my boyfriend, who's very outdoorsy, will be selling some of his outdoor gears].  Girls, bring your boys. I think they'll love the event.  Boys, bring your boys, and your girls so they'd understand you. Hahaha. :P

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gear Swap @ The Outpost

Hi! I'm inviting everyone, especially those from Cebu and those outdoorsy folks to drop by, and visit The Outpost this Sunday, at 6PM, for an outdoor gear swap. Just Got Lucky Shop will be participating and selling clothes fit for the outdoors (or if not fit for the outdoors, at least clothes that would make your outdoor trips cute) :) Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Outfit Post: White Shirt & Happy Arm Party


I wasn't inspired by the many fashion[istas] wearing piles of unrelated stuff in their arms.  I was inspired by my team mate who always wear a lot of cute stuff in her arms. Because I don't have a lot of "cute" stuff, I decided to try the trend using what I have -- gold bracelets and this very versatile cloth belt that my lovely friend, CloverFinds, gave me.

What I'm wearing:

top - thrifted silk blouse (too big for me, but very comfortable because it's thin)
shorts - sister's
flats - thrifted
bag - gift from mama
bracelets - gifts

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beauty and Butter


Last Thursday, I got invited to the launch of Beauty and Butter's branch in Cebu -- at SM Northwing, near Forever Flawless.  I am admittedly not a fan of mani/pedi because (a) I don't want another person poking into my hands/feet, (b) it takes too long, and (c) I don't want to spend money just having my nails cleaned.  I can very well do them myself.  But then, Mac invited me and I wanted to see her and catch up.  So there I am. :)

To say I'm sold is an understatement.  I tried the hand paraffin and it was hot! :) But very relaxing afterwards, esp. if you're like me who spend most of my waking hours typing words in a computer.  The staff was very friendly.  The lady who attend to me had very soft and gentle hands I could not feel anything.  Of course I was already very tired [see picture above], and I felt like sleeping all throughout.  And they use top-quality organic products. [I super laaav et!]  Thanks to Mac and Kwey.

Visit Beauty and Butter's tumblr here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lunchbox Notes

I am not (yet) a mother, but when I read this article from The Wall Street Journal, I found it cute and caring and loving.  Lunchbox notes are easy-to-make, thrifty, do not cost a lot, and very personal.  I think children would love these...and I think we need these, especially with the rising incidents of teenage suicides.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Color Schemes, pt1

Here are some color schemes/palettes I am loving these days.  Monochrome grays, the classic jeans/white/brown combination, neon green/lime green, and pink and nude.


photos from Bazaar and Lucky magazines