Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Around Town: Fuente Osmena Circle


Fuente Osmena is a fountain built to commemorate the completion of the Osmena Waterworks System in 1912. The waterworks system took 13 months to complete from January 1911 to February 1912 at the cost of 550,000 pesos.

The fountain itself symbolizes the march to progress of the city during the American-colonial era as vital infrastructure projects are completed such as the waterworks system. Prior to having a waterworks system, city dwellers had to content themselves with getting water from water wells, rivers, etc., which increased their risk of getting water-borne diseases.

The fountain is located in the center of a part in a roundabout that connects four busy intersections in the city. The park and the fountain completes the vista of a grand boulevard terminating at the majestic Cebu Capitol. [Info from Cebu Heritage]

The fountain, and the circle, is named after Pres. Sergio Osmena, Sr.