Thursday, June 23, 2011


thank you for following/reading my blog. :) I wish I could make things more interesting and fun here but life outside the blog is busy and fierce, especially school. I have a great fear of reciting in front of the teacher and class, and now that we have formally started classes, I have fever. Because I fear oral recitation. Just make me write, please..

Anyway, what I'm wearing is probably the best dress I have ever thrifted. I've had this for several years now but only wears this once in a while on special occasions. It's vintage, floral, and well-fitted. It's made of really good material that it doesn't cling to the wrong parts of the body. It's also the right length. In short, it's the best dress I have. (wait, there's another best vintage dress I have.. I don't know if I have mentioned that already in the blog. :D ) I just think vintage dresses are the best.

And oh, these pictures were taken before the end of summer, at the wedding of my boyfriend's friend. This was early morning. I think breakfast weddings are cool.

dress - vintage
shoes - chinese laundry
bag - gift