Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunshine Corazon

Yellow, as I may have mentioned in a previous, previous blog, is not my favorite color. It's my sister's favorite color. Yellow may as well represent the Philippines these days, and probably for six years because our current president is a famous yellow (too much smoking makes you yellow) guy.

But I found this beautiful pair of yellow pointed flats with rhinestones at a thrift store and I just have to have them. I even hid the pair from my sister for a while for fear she will get them. It helps that she's about 2 shoe sizes smaller than mine. :D ha! I debuted the pair today and I was very happy and my feet felt beautiful until the shoes broke through my skin and I had to buy a pair of slippers at the mall! Bleh

But they're beautiful noh?

And...speaking of yellow.. have you seen the pilot episode of Glee Season 2.. with Charice! I'm not a fan of Charice but I find her very cute in her Telephone duet with Rachel. Rachel's sooo envious and mean already.. but I look forward to seeing more of Charice and the whole of the Glee gang. :) I'm also praying for Javier Bardem to appear in one or more episodes. He's currently my new crush.