Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Outfit: Photo|Date


Dress - vintage, thrifted
Footwear - local, P175
Bag - gift from Aunt

These pictures, by my boyfriend, were taken last Saturday while we were on a "photodate." We walked around midtown Cebu, brought our cameras, and took pictures (holding hands) along the way. Being a non-native Cebuana, it is my first time to visit a Cebu institution: the CAP Development Center, also known as the old Osmena residence, where our country's former president, Sergio Osmena lived.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Style Inspire: Browns & Blues

I lalaaav et! Browns, blues, whites, and gold for summer.

photos from Easy Living Magazine.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's Outfit: Hello, Yellow


Yellow is my sister's favorite color. It was never mine. In my closet there are only two yellow items (one is this, and one I only wore once because it was too "baggy"). The blouse above drew a nod from my male cousin and he said it's very pretty, which I also agree. Yes, like pink, yellow could be pretty too.. And such a summery color.

My outfit:
Top - thrifted
Shorts - MNG, thrifted ( this was a baggy pants but I cut it short because the baggy style did not flatter my big hips)
Slippers - Marikina Shoe Exchange, local brand
Bag - Chicas de Moda, online shop
Necklace - City of Vintage, online shop

Happy 101

I got this award from Betz and, along with this award I am supposed to list the 20 things that make me happy. I'll only list 10 things (lest I bore you with this blog). :)

1) My Family - I know it's so cliche, but my family makes me happy, sad, angry, but makes me happy 90% of the time. They have always been supportive of what I do and try to do. They also make me laugh and just let me be a child. My kid cousins and nephews also makes me happy.

2) My Boyfriend - Well, I need not expound. We met at a rather unexpected place (the toilet) and didn't realize our tables (in the office) were beside each other and we were facing each other all the time. He's not just a dependable superman, he's also one of the few people who can make me laugh all the time. I always have a great time when I am with him, and he takes really great photos of me and everything else. And it doesn't hurt that I find him sexy, and thinking about him makes me happy anytime of the day.

3) My SATC friends - They say friends are families, and I couldn't agree more. I have three friends that were my highschool classmates and they are my sisters. They are my inspiration -- being strongwilled and beautiful women.

4) Travels/New Places/Friendly Strangers - With the many trips I took over the years, I would be proud to say that politeness begets hospitality. Filipinos are hospitable people. And the Philippines is a beautiful country. I also aim to go out of the country and explore other beautiful spots but before I do that I have to make sure I have explored all of my country's beauty.

6) Film, and getting surprised by the photographs I took - Life, for me, is like a roll of film. (not a box of chocolates because I am not a chocoholic). You don't know what you'd get but getting unexpected beautiful photographs is happiness for me.

7) Thrifting, and scoring good finds at thrift shops - Of course. What I think is a really good buy from a thrift shop is one that I keep wearing (and feels great each time I wear it) and has been with me for several years. One of my friend, more than five years ago, gifted me with a green jacket with wool collar she bought for P10. Until this day, I still have that jacket and it still feels great every time I wear it.

8) The meals my mother and father prepare for us/Good food - My mother and father are good cooks. Both of them have their specialties but all of the food they cook come out delicious all the time. When I go home, I don't wanna go back to the city because of the meals my parents prepare for us. No matter how simple the dish is, it always is delicious. :)

9) Sitting in a cafe, alone, people watching - I can do this for hours. I get happy/peaceful looking out into the world, pretending I don't belong in it and is merely an observer.

10) Walking - Walking, for me, is the best exercise. I know swimming is probably the best exercise but I am not a good swimmer, so I'd settle for walking. I try to walk all the time so I don't miss out on anything. Walking also gives me time to reflect on things. And burns a lot of calories. That should make me happy. :)

Now, for the fun part, I am passing this award to some lovely people I met here on the blog. I want you to know that meeting you here was one of the happiest days in my life. I wish I'd get to meet you all in person. :)

Adventures of a Pinay Neska
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today's Outfit: Classical Music


We watched my cousin perform with his orchestra. Performances were of Italian and Spanish classical songs. I wanted to sleep listening to the music.

My Outfit:
Top - thrifted online, Vintage Martini
Shirt - thrifted
Flats - bought online, P400
Bag - bought online, P530

Photos by boyfriend.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Other Stuff


Aside from thrifting, because I am a sort-of ADHD, I also have other array of hobbies. One of the few things I really pursue is photography. Though digital photography is economical and practical, I also shoot with film, specifically the 135mm format (because I don't have a darkroom at home). I run blogs, personal and public, to document my hits and misses with photography. To glimpse the other "sides" of me, hop on to 365 Polas, Wildsoul Walks, or Wildsoul. :)

Photo by boyfriend.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

V-Day, Tomorrow

It is a cliche that Valentine's Day are for lovers/couples. I say Valentines Day should also be a day to love oneself. :D True to that newly-created principle, I spent most of the day indulging in things I should do to make myself happy and feel loved. So, today, 1) I spent an hour or so at Vanille Patisserie to eat french macaroons, quiche, salad & pasta for lunch, 2) spent an hour or so indulging in beautiful pictures of coffeetable books at National Bookstore and Fully Booked, 3) brought my film camera with me and took as much pictures as I could, 4) bought six dresses at the thrift shop, 5) went to the dentist. :D

Tomorrow, I am spending most of my Valentines Day with my boyfriend because we are making a project for the Shop.



The dress I'm wearing is a retro dress (made probably in the 80s) with rose prints. To give an added volume at the hem, I wore a slip with double ruffles.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today's Outfit: Tulips & a Birthday & Paris

Today, after dropping by the church for a few minutes and saying a prayer, I was hanging out (by myself) in probably my favorite cafe. The first hour just went by in a blur, spent reading today's paper and catching up with work. The next few hours were a bore, and was spent in anticipation of tonight's movie, Paris.

Today is my granpere's birthday. He died almost 5 years ago, and, of course, I still miss him. He was our hero. I bought a cupcake to celebrate his birthday.

What I wore today (sorry, I forgot to ask my boyfriend to take a picture of me), I wore a thrifted floral skirt that I had hemmed. I was wearing a knitted short-sleeved blouse. The skirt + blouse outfit is a uniform to me. I wear it all the time. I punched up my outfit with the pair of thrifted gray booties I listed at the Shop for sale.

Gucci Group: Alexander McQueen Has Died

Gucci Group: Alexander McQueen Has Died

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Style File: Head Wrap



It is hot today and I need a band to keep my hair from falling into my face. I need to work. :D I have seen several bloggers sport this kind of headwrap, and I was inspired to innovate with the scarves I keep in my closet. Scarves are very handy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Style File: Red, White & Blue


I should have carried a yellow bag to make me look like the Philippine flag. :D I have not tried wearing this combination out.. but what I liked about it are (i) the red shorts are high-waisted but doesn't bunch in the navel area, (ii) the lace top is really light and feels barely there, (iii) while the vest is made of linen and actually warms up the outfit.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Style File: Floaty


There are many feminine things. One of them is lace, which I featured yesterday. Recently, I have been inspired to take on several "floaty" things in my closet and at the Shop because to me, they spell, femininity all throughout. I paired this floaty gray dress with a long-chained necklace with a cluster of small pearls as a pendant and simple strappy sandals. Can you imagine the beach? :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Style File: Lace on Lace


In defining personal style, I would have to admit that I am a romantic. I would prefer lace over leather. When I bought the lace skirt at a thrift store, I was thinking of selling it at the shop. I always think I don't look good in pencil skirts. But when I tried it on I thought the skirt was for keeps because (1) it is lace, and (2) it is white, hence I can pair it with anything.

Last Saturday, during a photoshoot with my boyfriend, I paired the white lace skirt with a violet lace top. For some, it may be over cheesy. But I thought it was cool especially when pair with a leather cluth and leather booties.

Photo by Joel Lopez.

Chic in the Tropics 100th Post Give-Away!

Eden of Chic In The Tropics will be giving a spiked headband in celebration of her 100th post. Contest ends on February 14, Valentine's Day, and is open to all residents in the Philippines. Reader's outside the Philippines can join, but will shoulder the shipping fee. :)

More of the contest here. Join na!

Inside the ANThill

Pictures inside the ANThill.

clothes . . . fabrics

woven mats . . . native necklaces

dress/fashion book

the gallery's line: Re/Dress


ANThill Fabric Gallery
cor. Acacia & Mariposa Sts.
Cebu City
Web site here

Sunday, February 7, 2010

ANThill Pics & Silent Auction

Here are some pics from last night's ANThill fashion show.

ANThill is conducting an auction of the young designers' gowns and cocktail pieces from February 6 to 13. Announcement of winning bids will be on the 13th. For more information on the bidding and on other ANThill matters, contact Anya Lim at 032.5054175 or

Young designers are: Allain Fonte, Edwin Alba, Veronica Valente, Manuel Tumaque, Brendon Val Cenon, Marlowe Dacules, Rey Humberto Villegas, Jonas Navarro, Joseph Navales, Yves Camingue, Alejandro Godinez, Peewee Senining, Lorrymer Villareal, and Lord Maturan.