Friday, October 23, 2009

Sneak Peek: Coco Chanel

midnight blue dress, Chanel Boutique

One day while thrifting, I chanced upon this midnight blue button-down Chanel dress. Of course, because it was a Chanel, I grabbed it and tried it on. And I was lucky because it fitted me. I brought the dress to the laundry shop. But when I got it, the dress was shrunk to a whole size down.

I think I made a mistake as the instructions said to have the dress dry cleaned.

The dress will be posted at the shop in November. UPDATE: Someone has already reserved the dress! Wohoo! Thank you, dear!

10/22/09 Outfit: Floral Skirt

Hat: borrowed from cousin, decorated w/ thrifted scarf
Top: thrifted (will be sold at the shop soon)
Skirt: thrifted, 6 years ago
Bag: Liz Claiborne, borrowed from sister, gift from Tita Mae
Ring: plastic, bought for P100

My outfit for taking a break from work and eating snacks outside the house. I didn't get to wear the hat though because by the time I got out of the house, the sun was beginning to set.

The skirt is one of my "comfort clothes." I bought it six years ago, when I was college, for P30 and have worn it over and over. There is only one catch in this skirt... When I wear this, I don't know what to pair it with, so I always end up pairing it with either a plain white shirt/cami or a plain black top. Rrrrr.