Wednesday, July 27, 2011


i cannot help but share. since school started in june, i have been on the look-out for liquids that i could bring to school to keep me hydrated. our classes fall on merienda-dinner time and if i don't drink, i would eat. and i would rather drink than eat. i have tried bringing water, but i am adhd and i get bored. i drink coffee, instant, most of the times, but it just makes me more dehydrated, and drowsy. i tried fit and right but it's expensive, very small and leaves me a scratchy throat.

good thing there's smartC. this is not an advertisement ha. i just had to share because every time i drink this fruit juice, i get happy and makes me alert and listen well to the teacher. it helps that the bottle comes in pastel colors. for 500ml, i pay only p22 (at 360 pharmacy). i say it's value for my money. smartC comes in three flavors: orange, lemon, and grapefruit. they are all delicious.