Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Uninspired Post


Sorry for the lack of posts.  Been uninspired by the blogging world lately, and been very busy with the real world, esp. with low exam grades.  I can't help but be uninspired. :( Hope you are doing great, and thank you to everyone who reads my blog, especially to RJ and Cecil. ^_^

In the top photos, I look like a capitana.  I don't know why, but when I think of structured vests, the first picture that would pop into my mind is a candidate for a public office campaigning.  Why do they wear vests? I don't have an idea! :D The vest is thrifted, and the dress is vintage.  I tried to sell the dress here, but there were no takers.  I kind-of hate this dress because the shoulders are very droopy; I think this was worn with shoulder pads, but I love the tie-waist.  I'm also wearing thrifted Christian Louboutin pumps I bought during our trip to Baguio last May.

In the second photos, I'm wearing a dotted dress I bought in a dept. store, thrifted sandals, and an handbag that's a replica of a Louis Vuitton bag.  What do you think of knock-offs? Do you think its infringement?