Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Things to Come

I am not exactly the achiever and the very-driven woman in the world. In fact, I could be very lazy, complacent and happy-go-lucky at times. But I do have own share of dreams, and I always believe great things are bound to happen, if you will it, and work hard for it.

I doodle and write. I keep lots of papers/sheets in my work table to jot down anything and everything. I also keep an organizer where I write my schedules and appointments. I am coveting a blackberry so I can take my organizer with me anywhere but I can't afford it.

So, I got this cheaper alternative... for P10, at a school supplies store. The pages have yellowed but I am all for buying old stuff and recycling.

I am hopeful good things are bound to come, especially in 2010. Life, for me, is just beginning to rock and roll.

Style Inspire: Harem Pants

The goal is to keep the look simple and classic. Please, don't look like those harem girls or, worse, MC Hammer. Rock these two looks above.

1st picture: Anthropologie
2nd picture:

Harem Pants: Is it a Go or a No?

A nearby thrift shop had a supersale Friday. I managed to snatch several items (which I will put up in the store in December), including this pair of linen high-waisted harem pants that fits me well.

I have mixed feelings about the pants though. I love the high-waist, the fabric, and the way it is fitted (but not that fitted) in the ankle. But I am not a lean woman. In fact, I am blessed with child-bearing hips, and I think the harem pants will just highlight that fact more.

So, what is it? Is the harem pants a go for me or a no?