Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmases are for kids


I know Christmases are not only for kids. But I know I'm not as excited on Christmases now the way I get excited over them when I was a kid.  A chunk of cheese, a gold chocolate coin, an apple, and maybe a plateful of spaghetti -- these were the things I considered happy Christmases.  Now, an adult, I'd still happily munch on cheese like a rat, though I'm not a chocolate eater, nor an apple eater now.

My nephew and my mother came to visit us here in the city last week, and my nephew and I went to see the Christmas village in SM.  He was very happy with the Christmas village, and I admit, I'm also very happy looking at the Christmas village. :) I'm imagining myself one of the people inside the village, wearing vintage clothes. :D hahaha

Advance merry Christmas to everyone. :)

Am wearing:
top - gift
blazer - thrifted
shorts - sister's
slippers - sister's
bag - gift
necklace - gifted belt