Friday, February 18, 2011

The Uniform


I can't just wear anything to school, and after seven (?) months I still abhor that I can't wear just about anything to school. For one, I can't wear sleeveless dresses/tops, shorts or short skirts (though they'll allow a decent short skirt to pass through), slippers, cut-off jeans, etc. So, everytime I go to school, I always think of the appropriate thing to wear, and chances are, the appropriate things are not what I want to wear. Because you know, we wear what's in our hearts. (huh!)

The picture above is one of my favorite "uniforms." The dress is black, lined but lightweight, doesn't wrinkle, with sleeves, and with the right hemline. It doesn't hurt that the dress only cost me P40. The shoes are flat -- wearing heels is unbearable when I only commute to school and lugging heavy books. (boring)

Dress - thrifted
Flats - thrifted
Bag - from sister
Belt - thrifted