Thursday, November 17, 2011



"Purol" that's what my Grandmother would call this style of shorts. Until I grew up to be a "lady" (that's when I was out of college), I was always wearing purol.. and hand-me-downs. I grew up envying my classmates and friends who'd wear really, really short shorts. I thought those short shorts were cool and sexy. I have a friend who's a professional runner and has a very good pair of legs -- muscled, strong, and lean -- and she'd always wear those really short shorts.  What do you think of purols? Fashionable? (I doubt) So-so? Or nothing and I-don't-care? :D

Am wearing:

Purol - thirfted, probably vintage
Top - thrifted
Sandals - garage sale
Bag - thrifted
Watch & bracelet - gift