Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's Outfit: Candice's Birthday!

Dress: thrifted (P25)
Belt: thrifted (P45)
Bag: gift from Grandma (free)
Earrings: gift from Riza of Preloved Gallery (free)
Slippers: bought 3 yrs ago (about P120) (not shown)

Today was Candice's 12th birthday (she's my boyfriend's niece) and she texted me early this morning and invited me to her party. I haven't been invited to a kid's birthday before by the birthday celebrant (did I say it right?) Always, I'd get invited by the kid's parents or I am organizing the kid's party, hence, I invited myself.

The dress is one I bought for P25 three months ago at some house (about four blocks from ours) selling used/vintage clothing. I didn't like most of what they were selling but I managed to grab some decent ones including this one. This is not the original design of the dress. I reworked this just hours before the party. The original dress had batwings (which I didn't like) and a longer hem. But I love the print of the dress and the fact that the dress weighs almost nothing. I cut off the sleeves and the hem and stitched them up by hand. :D The sewing machine my Grandma gave me is not yet functional.

Sneak Peek: Denim!

These two pairs of denim have been in stock in the shop since the shop started in July. These are my sister's beloved pair of original Levi's denim jeans and these are gift from my mother. We took months deliberating whether to sell these or save these up for our daughters (or our sons). None of us could no longer fit the jeans (these genetic thighs!) and so, we finally decided to put the two pairs up for sale. I hope these two find a better home and hope these two will make their future owner happy -- happy to have invested in a guaranteed no-fail rock-chick pair of jeans.