Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shop Sneak Peek: Dec. 2009, Tops

Before I sign out for the night, let me leave you with a sneak peek of what will be uploaded at the Shop this Monday. Casual tops and dresses. :)

Good night, everyone!

Shop Update: Dec. 2009 Cover

Photos and lay-out by Joel Lopez.

:: Yahoo! We finished taking photographs of the clothes for the Shop's December uploads. My boyfriend came very equipped; our make-shift studio has upgraded. Thanks to my cousin, Jady, for sharing the modeling load. I love you both.


I am nearing 25 -- in 11 days. I am not sickly. And I have not been feeling bad about my body. But I am paranoid. So I made a resolution yesterday to drink milk everyday. And it is a very difficult goal to achieve. Because I am not a milk drinker. In fact, I hate milk. But I would like to take small steps. I drank the whole glass of milk I prepared for myself to the last drop... in two hours.

But, hey, that's a good start, right? :D