Thursday, January 14, 2010

P200 Shoes

80% of the time I don't have good luck on shoes. Cebu, during the Sinulog season, holds a city-wide sale on all stores. And, while walking around the mall Sunday night, I bought these pair of brown suede and gold faux leather pumps 10 seconds after seeing it. The pair was beautiful and felt very comfortable and sexy on my feet. And to boot, the pair was only for P200.

I tried on the shoes today and took it out for a little walk. Two hours later, the rubber stopper at the heels were already cracked and I noticed that my walk was already wobbly. Uhuh.

The price I paid.

Today's Outfit: Love.Cow

Today was basically a slow day for me despite the business of the streets here in Cebu leading to Sunday's Sinulog Mardi Gras. But it is unbelievably cold today and I was on my jeans from morning till evening. I usually don't do that because of the heat but today was just cold.

Anyway, on to my shirt. It's an Agnes B. shirt I thrifted last Sunday. I am not really a shirt person but I always like shirts with kyoot designs. And the cow on this shirt reminds me of my father who sells cows. I love my father so much.

Have You Seen These?

originally from this article at Refinery 29