Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday [thrift] Shopping

I have been lately missing from the blogosphere. I have been reading blogs, in fact, reading too many blogs and absorbing a lot of inspiration from other bloggers. I have been fairly busy and it won't change in the next weeks. And, mostly, I have been very lazy.. to take outfit pictures. :D

Anyway, I had a tiring day today as I roamed the city to scour thrift shops. I made several purchases, which I'd like to keep for myself but which I won't because clients at the shop are requesting for new stocks.

Photos of what I purchased today:






Ohh.. one of the few things that kept me busy the past days, aside from work (I had to take on new bankruptcy cases -- Japan Airlines and Mesa Air), I also began posting daily pseudo-polaroids at the facebook account and over at 356 Pola.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Night's Outfit: Vintage Blue

Yesterday, my day was perfect -- that is, until I couldn't sleep. I was busy the whole day yesterday tracking down the bankruptcy filing of Japan's flagship air carrier, Japan Airlines, but was too excited for what were planned for the night to truly care if tracking the case was a little difficult.

My boyfriend treated us to a hearty Filipino meal, which include lechon and crispy pata (double death) to Golden Cowrie. And then we were off to I.T. Park to stroll around the bazaar and meet with Mikel, who sold me his slightly-used phone, and Madonna, a close highschool friend of mine.

I couldn't collect my thoughts. I have no coherence today and I am finding it difficult to do good at my job given I only slept an hour this morning.

And I forgot to take a picture of my outfit last night. It wasn't exceptional, except it was color-coordinated except for the bag. I truly find it hard (and weird) to color coordinate everything.

Anyway, what I had on was a cotton shirt dress, vintage floral blouse which I wore as a jacket, strappy rubber sandals, gold earrings (a deconstructed pair).

Oh, btw, photos were taken by my sweet and kind and funny and cute boyfriend who will be celebrating his 30th birthday on Saturday. :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

while thrifting

This is what I [generally] look like while thrifting: oily, sweaty, messy and dirty. :D :D

These photos were taken by the owner of my favorite thrift shop here in the Cebu. I haven't been back to his shop for a month or so but he kept these photos and gave them to me tonight when I visited his shop again.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

His Outfit: Jeans

what did you expect?!? :D This is my boyfriend's "uniform." He is the man behind the wonderful photos at the Shop.

Today's Outfit: Disco Night!

Tonight was the eve of Sinulog -- the biggest party here in Cebu -- and my cousin invited me to some latin/jazz/disco at a bar. We did some dancing. I haven't danced in 6 months and it felt so good to have some form of exercise. :D :D I am not such a party/disco girl given my conservative outfit.

My outfit for tonight:

Shirt - Nafnaf, thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Jacket - thrifted
Bag -gift from aunt
Shoes - Gibi, bought on sale 5months ago

Saturday, January 16, 2010

[an unexpected] Shop Update

[thrifted] multi-handled bag || P300

[thrifted] brown leather work bag || P300

[thrifted] vintage leather duffel bag || P280 || RESERVED

[BN] tiger-print bag || P150

[thrifted] green suede booties || P400

[BN] Naturalizer loafer pumps || P400

Because it was too cold and because I would be out of town and busy in the next two weeks, I decided to upload some shoes and bags at the Shop. :) If you are from the Philippines, and is interested, you can click here to browse and order. If you are from outside the Philippines, and is interested, please send me an e-mail at

What I Did Today

Today's Outfit: Brrr...Cold

The past three days have been cold here in Cebu. I was in layers and I hated going out because the roads are wet. If I went out, I walk fast to warm my body (and exercise). It's still so cold. This afternoon I had to go to try to go downtown but I couldn't walk past the Sto. NiƱo procession. Millions of people.

So, what I wore today:

Scarf: gift from a cousin
Top: Banana Republic shirt
Top 2: black knitted cardi, thrifted
Skirt: thrifted (and unironed)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

P200 Shoes

80% of the time I don't have good luck on shoes. Cebu, during the Sinulog season, holds a city-wide sale on all stores. And, while walking around the mall Sunday night, I bought these pair of brown suede and gold faux leather pumps 10 seconds after seeing it. The pair was beautiful and felt very comfortable and sexy on my feet. And to boot, the pair was only for P200.

I tried on the shoes today and took it out for a little walk. Two hours later, the rubber stopper at the heels were already cracked and I noticed that my walk was already wobbly. Uhuh.

The price I paid.

Today's Outfit: Love.Cow

Today was basically a slow day for me despite the business of the streets here in Cebu leading to Sunday's Sinulog Mardi Gras. But it is unbelievably cold today and I was on my jeans from morning till evening. I usually don't do that because of the heat but today was just cold.

Anyway, on to my shirt. It's an Agnes B. shirt I thrifted last Sunday. I am not really a shirt person but I always like shirts with kyoot designs. And the cow on this shirt reminds me of my father who sells cows. I love my father so much.

Have You Seen These?

originally from this article at Refinery 29

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Lingerie

I have been thrifting a lot of lingerie/sleepwear these days. When you live in a tropical country, you really need to have comfortable to sleep in else you won't be getting a good night sleep. Of course, because most of really slip dresses, I also wear them underneath sheer dresses. But during last Saturday's photoshoot, I realized that I could wear them as dresses!

Take the above slip dress for example. The fabric used is not very thin, in fact you don't need to wear another slip underneath. I also loved the fact that the vintage jacket and animal-print top covers the sexy bodice of the slip dress.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Short Shorts and Short Skirts

to toughen up the tulle and printed skirts, we paired them with booties.

to sweeten up the fringe boots and cut-off shorts, we paired them with a vintage dinner jacket and the lace-accented peasant blouse.

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