Sunday, November 13, 2011

P30 Skirt Worn a Thousand Times


I have a very bad habit of wearing the same thing over and over (I'm sure I'm not the only one who has that habit), but my mother really, really hates that habit. I have this pair of short pants made of the same material as my highschool uniform skirt, and I still wear it until today. My UP shirts, I wore them to death until my mother decided to give those shirts to my 8-year old nephew and gave almost all of my clothes and shoes to anyone and everyone. When I got home last summer, I had nothing to wear because all my clothes are gone.

That's why I never bring this skirt home. Because I am 100% sure this will be on the top of the pile that mother will throw or give away.

I bought this skirt when I graduated from college from a thrift store downtown for P30 (or P33.33 because it was 3 for P100). And I still wear the skirt today.  The fabric has started to fade, that's why I rarely wear the skirt these days. Too much washing will fade the colors. But I will wear this skirt until its seams fall apart.