Monday, October 19, 2009

10/19 Style Inspire

first 2 photos: Kathryn of Kansas Couture
3rd & 4th photos, sorry I forgot where exactly I got these two

Kathryn's outfits are, for me, the right amount of color, the right amount of femininity and sexiness, and outmost comfortable. Well, except maybe for the blue tube top. I'd probably replace that a corset like top with straps to make sure the top don't fall off. :D

The 3rd photo, I got from an online shop selling Korean clothes. From this photo, it's easy to see why we covet Korean-style of dressing up. They're never frumpy, never too customey or design-y, in cool colors and in easy and comfortable to wear designs.

The last photo, I covet the hair and the big red flower. Oh, it's the hair, the hair, the hair!

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