Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I wanna cry, just for a little bit.
I have been deceived, a lot of times.

The past few days, I have been surfing the Internet for pictures/blogs/information on places my boyfriend and I plan to visit next month. Sure, I clicked on a lot of sites displaying pictures of the places.. but boy! I am truly disappointed. Obviously and overly photoshopped/digitally enhanced photos are everywhere, and I hate it.

I am not against digitally enhancing photos, but I am partial against those that overly enhance their photos to the point of exaggeration and fantasy. Some trees look like they belong to fairyland.

But I understand that enhancing photos nowadays are new ways of expressing creativity. But I still long for realist photos.



  1. Don't worry, my travel pictures aren't photoshopped because I don't know how.:)

    Thanks for adding my blog into your blogroll. I'll add yours too. ;)


  2. yeah! i enjoy your blog so much. it seems like you're always having fun and i love it. i love the smiles you put in your pictures. :)