Monday, November 23, 2009

Lucky Find: Cafe Antonio's Caramel Latte

In our recent trip, my boyfriend treated me to dinner and coffee and a cookie at Cafe Antonio's, near Dumaguete's famed Boulevard. For dinner, I ordered fish fillet and my boyfriend ordered squid in oyster sauce. None of the dishes were superb. Not really intending to buy/drink coffee (I have a no-caffeine rule after 2:30PM), I asked my boyfriend to buy the two of us one cup of coffee -- caramel latte -- to take out to our walk along the boulevard.

The coffee was great! I loved the coffee; i think it would be my favorite dessert. And the price is not bad -- only P60 for a cup.

Photo by Joel Lopez.

Oh, what I'm wearing is a thrifted vintage mid-calf dress.

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