Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am nearing 25 -- in 11 days. I am not sickly. And I have not been feeling bad about my body. But I am paranoid. So I made a resolution yesterday to drink milk everyday. And it is a very difficult goal to achieve. Because I am not a milk drinker. In fact, I hate milk. But I would like to take small steps. I drank the whole glass of milk I prepared for myself to the last drop... in two hours.

But, hey, that's a good start, right? :D


  1. I'm not a milk drinker, but we women needs calcium for our bones.. So that small step would be great.. I'll do that too.. Ahihihi :)

    You're turning 25 in 11 days?
    Me, I'll turn 25 in 5 days! :)

    So we're birth-month-sisters.. Ahihihi


  2. weeh! ka-birth month pala tayo. :) and i didnt know we are of the same age. :) glad to have found you here.

  3. Yes, yes.. December babies tayo :)
    I am glad too! Cheers (milk ang laman ng glass ha) Hehe :)

    Advance Happy birthday to us!

  4. I'm not a milk drinker too though I compensate it for cheese and yogurt.;)

    I remember my Mom stopping me by the door with a glass of milk before I went to school and even when I started working.I never liked the taste of milk but later when my Lola had osteoporosis, it was like an eye opener for me to drink milk.I still forget to drink it sometimes.hehe!