Monday, November 9, 2009

Today's Outfit: Crown

Today was meeting day and I am really tired. I don't know why since all we did was confer and discuss matters related to work. It must be because I have a cough. Anyway, this was what I wore to the meeting today.

I initially choose a more formal cream blouse but it was too hot and I was already sweating when I walked out from my bedroom, so I changed to something lighter in fabric. I love this shirt. I am not a fan of skirts with this length of a sleeve, but this one just fits my arms perfectly. I also love this shirt because of its crown stitch and the two gold buttons at its shoulders. Reminds me of a royal army or something.

I also love the gold accent of the black loafers I bought from Preloved Gallery. Truth be told, I love gold accents to clothes and everything. Makes an item look regal and royal.

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