Saturday, December 5, 2009

2010 Wishlist

I generally wish for good health, peace of mind, lots of love, success in career and business, and stronger ties all throughout. But, I am also human, and I wish for material things as well.

For 2010, these are the things I'd wish I could have:

1. UPS, for my PC. I need my PC for work and my work is very important to me.

2. Amazon Kindle. I love books, I love to read. And I am thrilled at the thought of being able to bring lots and lots of books wherever I am in an easy-to-carry gadget. I am also thrilled that this gadget is not tiny as I hate having to squint my eyes to read texts. (the wrinkles!)

3. Black formal shoes/boots. I spent some time today scouring a mall for reasonably-priced black formal shoes and there were a few that made my heart flutter. This pair though is a good mix of formal shoes/booties.

4. A laptop with a big screen. I have a 10.2" netbook and I absolutely love it because I can hide it inside most of my "fashionable" bags. But in the past months, I have been deliberating whether to switch to a laptop (from a PC) for work. The laptop I want though is not something I'd really like to carry with me every where. I just need it to have a wide/big screen (so I don't have to squint) my eyes.

5. Running shoes. Beautiful running shoes. Alongside resolving to drinking milk everyday, I also resolved to run (or, for starters, jog/sprint) at least thrice a week. However, unlike the drinking milk resolution, I haven't gotten around to the running resolution basically because I don't have running shoes. (I hate running shoes, as I think they make me look like a duck).
What are in your wishlists?

P.S. Photos not mine.

And, I forgot, I also wish for a peaceful and honest elections here in the Philippines. I am hoping the Filipinos will vote for the person who is most capable of the job.

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