Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today's Outfit: Not a Starbucks Fan

I am unapologetically not a Starbucks fan. When Starbucks "evaded" the Philippines and our little urban city of Cebu, I could not understand why people were so hyped into buying the ridiculously-priced coffee served at that coffee shop (except maybe that Hollywood celebrities were sporting Starbucks coffee cups like they were prized accessories). When I went to Glorietta in 2003, I bought a tall iced coffee at Seattle's Best and nearly kicked myself for paying P150 for that.

My first taste of Starbucks in Cebu was when my cousin, Des, treated me to a breakfast one morning. I wasn't impressed.

I have always been a fan of a local coffee shop called "Bo's Coffee" and have always frequented the coffee shop when I was still taking my undergraduate course. Because I love Bo's, its coffee and pastries, and because I have fond memories of the coffee shop, I could not see any reason why I should switch to an international coffee shop -- well, except maybe to grab Starbuck's brownies because they were to die for! :D

Oh, what I wore today: cotton peasant tunic top + gray high-waisted jeans (hand-me-down from an aunt) + sandals. The peasant top, which I will be listing in the Shop in January, has vintagey lace applique.


  1. omg, seeing bo's coffee cup made me miss home so much i cried. we also have bo's at davao and i usually hang there before. know what, i'm with you about starbucks. for a coffee run, i choose dunkin. thanks for your sweet words. =)

  2. honestly i love figaro more. It's more quiet. I like my peace when am having coffee.

    btw i love your top. It's so cute.


  3. @ betz: i also love dunkin donuts. i love hanging out at their stores because i love the smell of the donuts and the coffee.

    @ denise: i have also been liking figaro. figaro's still new here in cebu. it is always filled with people punching on their laptops. :D