Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's Outfit: Candice's Birthday!

Dress: thrifted (P25)
Belt: thrifted (P45)
Bag: gift from Grandma (free)
Earrings: gift from Riza of Preloved Gallery (free)
Slippers: bought 3 yrs ago (about P120) (not shown)

Today was Candice's 12th birthday (she's my boyfriend's niece) and she texted me early this morning and invited me to her party. I haven't been invited to a kid's birthday before by the birthday celebrant (did I say it right?) Always, I'd get invited by the kid's parents or I am organizing the kid's party, hence, I invited myself.

The dress is one I bought for P25 three months ago at some house (about four blocks from ours) selling used/vintage clothing. I didn't like most of what they were selling but I managed to grab some decent ones including this one. This is not the original design of the dress. I reworked this just hours before the party. The original dress had batwings (which I didn't like) and a longer hem. But I love the print of the dress and the fact that the dress weighs almost nothing. I cut off the sleeves and the hem and stitched them up by hand. :D The sewing machine my Grandma gave me is not yet functional.

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