Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Night's Outfit: Vintage Blue

Yesterday, my day was perfect -- that is, until I couldn't sleep. I was busy the whole day yesterday tracking down the bankruptcy filing of Japan's flagship air carrier, Japan Airlines, but was too excited for what were planned for the night to truly care if tracking the case was a little difficult.

My boyfriend treated us to a hearty Filipino meal, which include lechon and crispy pata (double death) to Golden Cowrie. And then we were off to I.T. Park to stroll around the bazaar and meet with Mikel, who sold me his slightly-used phone, and Madonna, a close highschool friend of mine.

I couldn't collect my thoughts. I have no coherence today and I am finding it difficult to do good at my job given I only slept an hour this morning.

And I forgot to take a picture of my outfit last night. It wasn't exceptional, except it was color-coordinated except for the bag. I truly find it hard (and weird) to color coordinate everything.

Anyway, what I had on was a cotton shirt dress, vintage floral blouse which I wore as a jacket, strappy rubber sandals, gold earrings (a deconstructed pair).

Oh, btw, photos were taken by my sweet and kind and funny and cute boyfriend who will be celebrating his 30th birthday on Saturday. :D


  1. huwaaa I wanna eat crispy pata too lol.

    U and your friend are beautiful. Anyway advance Happy Birthday to your boyfriend!!!

    Take care.

  2. oh sweet. I miss my girlfriends now.

    yummy lechon. Matagal na akong hindi nakakain niyan uh. Sige tonight may double death dinner din aku. hihihii.

    si husband ko mag 30 na din sa 31st. we'll go to Mt.Pinatubo. He's wild at heart.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  3. Hello,Psyche!

    I missed crispy pata and lechon too with the Mang Tomas liver sauce. That's so yummy!

    Love the print of your shirt dress. It looks so comfy and oh, those thrifted green suede shoes and the brown leather bag are fab! Galing mo talagang maghanap. :)

  4. I agree with Che, I miss lechon with Mang Tomas. Your shirt is nice.

  5. Haha. That sounds like fun. Hanging out with my friends is always a great calming experience for me (not that they're calm, LOL). It's just that I get to be completely myself. :)

    Advance happy birthday to your boyfriend. :)

  6. I'm curious for this food now =D

    the pics look so great =D

  7. @ Rebecca Rose:

    "U and your friend are beautiful."


    Thank you. I'm sure my friend would be very happy to know you said this. :)

  8. @ denise: does your husband have a blog where he posts his photos? i haven't been to mt. pinatubo and much of luzon yet.

  9. @ Che and Cez: perfect combination talaga ang crispy pata/lechon/Mang Tomas. :)

  10. @ darlyn:

    "It's just that I get to be completely myself. :)"


    I so agree. They are true friends if you can be completely yourself with them.

  11. @ Ohanna: lechon is roasted pig. and crispy pata is big chunks of pork, deep-fried. the unhealthiest, but most delicious, food we filipina(o)s love.