Thursday, January 14, 2010

P200 Shoes

80% of the time I don't have good luck on shoes. Cebu, during the Sinulog season, holds a city-wide sale on all stores. And, while walking around the mall Sunday night, I bought these pair of brown suede and gold faux leather pumps 10 seconds after seeing it. The pair was beautiful and felt very comfortable and sexy on my feet. And to boot, the pair was only for P200.

I tried on the shoes today and took it out for a little walk. Two hours later, the rubber stopper at the heels were already cracked and I noticed that my walk was already wobbly. Uhuh.

The price I paid.


  1. yikes...that's too bad! but they do look great...

  2. i agree. they look great. it's ok. it's still a great find. just have that rubber stopper changed... mura ra man na silag tires sa car that we sometimes have to fix.

    hi psyche!

    i don't have much luck with shoes either. and they're usually brand new, but usually on sale. the only brand i seem to like and which lasts on me so far is Gibi, but I still can't bring myself to buy one. recession and everything. i do remember the feel of them on my soles when i had them back in high school (hahaha). they were from my aunt.

    the only find i found worth it so far when it comes to shoes was something i bought early this month from an ukay-ukay opposite jollibee mandaue. and they're comfortable to wear. i bought them for 50 pesos. hihi. the prob is when i wash them. too much blue dye from those shoes... danger.

  3. hi, she. :) i agree on Gibi, it does carry good and quality shoes gyud. Murag daghan gyud ta maka-attest ana.

  4. marami nga nagsasabi Gibi is good. Parang wala yatang Gibi malapit dito sa bundok na tinitirahan ko eh.

    Know what i like that shoe. May nabibili na heel protector. Teka let me look kung saan ko nga ba nakita yun.

    But you can always bring it to Mr.Quickie. hihihi.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  5. Too bad, it looks pretty pa naman. Careful when you walk, ha. You might slip.Just have the rubber stopper changed.

    GIBI is a good brand. I still wear my black slip-on sandals here pag summer. Matibay siya.

    By the way, love the cow print on your white shirt from the previous post. ;)

  6. awww... the shoes look great though... i see you have kings of convenience in the background. ^^ hehe

  7. @ toxic disco boy: yes! i loved them when i heard/watched the video you posted at your blog. :D