Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 101

I got this award from Betz and, along with this award I am supposed to list the 20 things that make me happy. I'll only list 10 things (lest I bore you with this blog). :)

1) My Family - I know it's so cliche, but my family makes me happy, sad, angry, but makes me happy 90% of the time. They have always been supportive of what I do and try to do. They also make me laugh and just let me be a child. My kid cousins and nephews also makes me happy.

2) My Boyfriend - Well, I need not expound. We met at a rather unexpected place (the toilet) and didn't realize our tables (in the office) were beside each other and we were facing each other all the time. He's not just a dependable superman, he's also one of the few people who can make me laugh all the time. I always have a great time when I am with him, and he takes really great photos of me and everything else. And it doesn't hurt that I find him sexy, and thinking about him makes me happy anytime of the day.

3) My SATC friends - They say friends are families, and I couldn't agree more. I have three friends that were my highschool classmates and they are my sisters. They are my inspiration -- being strongwilled and beautiful women.

4) Travels/New Places/Friendly Strangers - With the many trips I took over the years, I would be proud to say that politeness begets hospitality. Filipinos are hospitable people. And the Philippines is a beautiful country. I also aim to go out of the country and explore other beautiful spots but before I do that I have to make sure I have explored all of my country's beauty.

6) Film, and getting surprised by the photographs I took - Life, for me, is like a roll of film. (not a box of chocolates because I am not a chocoholic). You don't know what you'd get but getting unexpected beautiful photographs is happiness for me.

7) Thrifting, and scoring good finds at thrift shops - Of course. What I think is a really good buy from a thrift shop is one that I keep wearing (and feels great each time I wear it) and has been with me for several years. One of my friend, more than five years ago, gifted me with a green jacket with wool collar she bought for P10. Until this day, I still have that jacket and it still feels great every time I wear it.

8) The meals my mother and father prepare for us/Good food - My mother and father are good cooks. Both of them have their specialties but all of the food they cook come out delicious all the time. When I go home, I don't wanna go back to the city because of the meals my parents prepare for us. No matter how simple the dish is, it always is delicious. :)

9) Sitting in a cafe, alone, people watching - I can do this for hours. I get happy/peaceful looking out into the world, pretending I don't belong in it and is merely an observer.

10) Walking - Walking, for me, is the best exercise. I know swimming is probably the best exercise but I am not a good swimmer, so I'd settle for walking. I try to walk all the time so I don't miss out on anything. Walking also gives me time to reflect on things. And burns a lot of calories. That should make me happy. :)

Now, for the fun part, I am passing this award to some lovely people I met here on the blog. I want you to know that meeting you here was one of the happiest days in my life. I wish I'd get to meet you all in person. :)

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  1. Congrats on your award!

    I'm so kilig and gakatawa jud ko when I read your no. 2. Pastilan, ang love naa ra man diay sa imuhang tapad, Psyche! ;)

    Interestingly we both share the same list except #9. I'm not really good at sitting alone in a cafe for hours people watching. I'd rather window shop. lol!

    Thanks for passing the award to me. I'll do this soon! :)

    PS: If it seems that I haven't been visiting you more than often, yes I do. It's just that I'm having a problem with my laptop. Downloading some photos is so slow and it stops. Yikes, need to buy a new one!

  2. I know you really love traveling, Che, and I am so envious of your travels there in Spain. :) Looking forward to your list of "happy things."

  3. thanks so much for the award! I used to walk a lot pero ngayon wala ng exercise. I agree Philippines is beautiful. I've been in few islands in Visayas, a lot of Luzon but never in Mindanao yet, maybe in the future.