Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lucky Find: Yay for Bodysuits!

Left-to-right: DKNY, Excursion, no label

I have always thought bodysuits are for older women, athletic women, ballet dancers and Madonna. But ever since seeing The Cherry Blossom Girl wear an American Apparel bodysuit, and she styled it great, I was on the search for bodysuits. My first very lucky find was the DKNY body suit, thrifted, of course, and fits well. I have been extra lucky to find two additional body suits, the gray striped one and the lace one. :)

I find bodysuits easy to wear because they don't bunch in the waist area, and they form the body. They feel like t-shirts but are not wrinkly. I've been praying to find silky bodysuits like those sold at Italian boutiques here in the city. No luck so far.

All are thrifted and all were bought for less than P50 each.

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