Thursday, March 11, 2010

Summer Shopping

I regularly edit my closet -- like once every three months. I am not a fan of hoarding too much clothes. I want my clothes displayed properly because I want to wear them. I don't want to store clothes for "future" use. I have a feeling that clothes, like people and other living things, have feelings too. And that if you are happy wearing them, and you take good care of them, they will never disappoint you. :)

I keep clothes that make me happy when I wear them. I sell/give away clothes that make me look & feel frumpy, do not flatter me and makes me fidget. I want clothes to be practical, comfortable, and special.

The past months, while shopping for the Shop, I have also picked few items to add to my closet. Most of these clothes, I realized, are meant for summer, which for me, means only two things -- Holy Week and fiesta. My summer starts with Holy Week and ends with our town's fiesta, on May 15. That's summer for me. :)


1 - Moschino overnight bag
2 - Pentax MV-1 manual camera
3 - 3 tops
4 - 3 vintage dresses
5 - black body-con vintage dress
6 - short-sleeved floral jacket
7 - 2 hats
8 - yellow floral scarf
9 - floral pashmina

Excluding the camera, all items cost me P965. Not bad, noh?

Oh, and if you've noticed, I didn't buy a new pair of one summer must-have -- a swimsuit. That's because I am, admittedly, not a beach babe. I am actually just contented in recycling my old pairs of swimsuits. :D

How about you, lovelies? Did you do your summer shopping already? Or is summer shopping really necessary?

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