Friday, April 23, 2010

Green Team

I am a political animal, we all are. The fact that we live in a society (and not alone, in an island) makes us all political animals. Whether we participate actively or inactively in that society does not exclude us from that society's politics. On May 10, the Filipinos will cast our votes. You and I may have different bets...I hope that whoever we choose, we choose them because they represent clean, sustainable and appropriate governance. I will not campaign but in these pictures, you'll know who I obviously will vote for. =)

Tonight, we went to our bet's local headquarters and helped out a little bit with the campaign materials. After that, we had dinner at Larsian, a famous (or infamous?) barbecue place in the city, and then walked over to Robinson's Cybergate Mall, had ice cream and took pictures.

On to my outfit, the green dress was supposed to be my New Year's Day dress but didn't get to wear it because we slept. =) The vest is a do-it-myself cropped vest that I listed for sale at the Shop. The necklace I got in a swap I did with an online buddy a few months back.

My sister's wearing a green dress I also listed at the Shop for sale, a thrifted cap, and leather bag.

And, I believe being political does not mean being boring, fashion- and style-wise. =)


  1. Sana it´s going to be a peaceful election over there.I lost my trust in the Phil. political system years ago and so I didn´t vote in the last 2 or 3 major elections. Sana this time, there´ll be a MAJOR and POSITIVE change.

    Cute dress, Psyche! Dotted dresses are all year wardrobe staples.

  2. Haha can you believe I have never registered? I like Gibo, though ;-)

  3. oh i know who you're voting for!
    you wouldn't believe how green our house is right mom and dad volunteer too.

    love the polka dress! i've been wearing polka for 3 new years far, superstition wise, it's doing great for my pocket..haha!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. Good luck sa election. I hope it would be peaceful. I am not familiar with the colors. Gotta research. Yellow lang alam ko.

    Love your green dress.

  5. @ Meream & Gizelle: Yehey! Daghan na ta. =)

    Thanks for your comments. And, to Che and Ces, your prayers for a peaceful and clean elections are needed.

  6. Nice post!!! mmmmmmm

  7. I just found your blog and so far I'm really enjoying your thoughts. I hope your party wins and the change proves to be a positive one.
    I agree with you, we are all political beings weather we know it or not. Have you ever read the book, "The Social Contract"? Also, we have very similar taste in authors and movies listed in your profile.