Friday, April 30, 2010

An Outfit: Squared

So this week I didn't have internet connection at home for three days, and for those days I hitched internet connection at my boyfriend's house. Because their house is near my college alma mater, I coaxed him into walking around the campus for fresh air. I wish there are many parks here in Cebu where we can walk around after work or early in the morning, and where we are sure we won't be mugged.

What I'm wearing is a vintage button-down shirt that I super love because it's polyester (= no wrinkles) and because it is a right fit for me (and getting the right fit in vintage & thrift shops is difficult). I'm also wearing thrifted pants and my dependable flats that I think will get out of commission very soon.


  1. +1 on more parks in Cebu. Something like the Boulevard in Dumaguete. Something romantic despite the beggars and homeless people. Hehehe.

  2. That´s what every city needs in our country, lots of green. Love your shoes! :)